Hello! My name is Courtney Archer, and I am an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), which means I have a Master’s Degree and a whole lot of clinical training.

I’ve been working in mental health for a hot minute, in multiple different settings. My experience has taught me that compassion goes a lot further than criticism, and that we all do better when we are taking positive action to align our behavior with our values and goals.

That’s part of why I run this website- providing better access to mental health resources is important to me. The name of this website is Lighten the Dark because life’s darkness can feel heavy. The resources here are meant to help lighten things up a little.

It’s also why I provide individual therapy via telehealth (although currently only in Utah–I am working towards becoming licensed in more states, but currently can only provide therapy in Utah). Therapy is just as effective when done online and much more accessible to people who live outside of metropolitan areas (or people who have a hard time traveling, or leaving their kids, or just like doing therapy in the comfort of their own home, or–you get it).

I want to help you build your relationship with yourself. I want to help you figure out how to like the life you’re living–how to build your life into something you’d like to keep.

So. If you live in Utah and would like to do therapy with me, then I will be opening my schedule to new clients soon. And if you would like some meditations and resources for inviting some peace and lightening the dark in your life, feel free to explore the resources I’ve created for you here.

Photo of Courtney Archer