Photo of Spring flowers, inspiration for this Spring Guided Imagery.

Spring Guided Imagery: Respite Between Extremes

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This Spring Guided Imagery is for anyone who is looking for a batch of sunshine mixed with flowers and a touch of rain. Whether you are at the end of a long winter, or just need a breath of new life and fresh air, this guided imagery is for you.

Spring is a marvelous time full of old life becoming new beginnings. As buds reach up through the frozen ground and dare to take a chance at life, so too do we. Just like there are no guarantees for those little seedlings, there are no guarantees for us either.

But we still try. We still strive. We still reach for the sun and dare to dream of the life ahead.

May this Spring Guided Imagery inspire courage for the road you travel. However windy and long, it is your road and it is your choice to face the twists and turns as you go. Bring some spring with you along the path.

After all, spring follows winter and heralds summer. It is the respite between one extreme and another. Life is full of extremes, but also has its moments of respite.

So take a moment of respite now.

Photo of Spring flowers, inspiration for this Spring Guided Imagery.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Spring Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery Preparation

Wherever you are, sitting, standing, lying down, settle in. Close your eyes to limit visual distractions, or fix them on a point on the wall or ceiling if you would rather.

If you can straighten your spine, do so. Let your hands rest easy on your lap or by your side. If your legs are crossed, uncross them.

Breathe easy. In and out, in and out, noticing the way your diaphragm moves just below your sternum as your lungs intake and release air.

When you are ready, begin to your spring guided imagery.

Begin Your Spring Guided Imagery

Imagine yourself sitting in a dark room. It is not a frightening kind of dark, but rather the kind of dark you would feel underneath a heavy blanket. You have been here before, and you know that it will not last forever.

It is this knowledge that unbends your legs and allows you to stand. You know that the dark is ending, and you are ready to let it go. In a way, this darkness has been your friend.

It has held you and carried you, but now it is time to leave the darkness behind.

Pause for a moment to breathe in this moment. You are safe in the dark. You know the dark and you like it here.

It is comfortable. It is peaceful.

But it is time to stretch a little, to grow a little, and to become more of yourself. You are not going to change, but rather embrace the you who you have always been so that you can become the you who you are meant to be.

You are a work of light. While light must always be closely accompanied by dark, you have spent enough time in the shadow. You are ready to move.

Embrace the Light

Imagine yourself leaving the dark to walk into a glen of sunshine. You stretch your arms out, palms raised toward the sky so that you can feel the sunbeams against your skin. Golden light fills you with warmth from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Breathe in, deeply, and hold it for a moment.

You are light. You are warmth. In this moment you are energy and love and life.

Let the breath go, breathing light into the world with your breath. Notice as you do so that none of the light inside of you diminishes as you share it. Your light is your own and it cannot be taken or discarded.

You look back for a moment toward the dark that you have left behind. Perhaps you even wonder if the dark is where you belong. It is familiar after all, and you felt safe there.

And yet you know that backward is not the direction you would like to go. With this in mind, turn back toward the light. Your way is forward.

Forward will bring its own darkness, as forward always does, but now is the time for light. Accepting that the way ahead will not always be golden and safe, you still choose to move that way. You choose to step in the light and accept the dark that is bound in the future to accompany it.

After all, even when the world around you is dark, you will still have the light inside you. It may darken and dim, but it will never diminish completely.

For today, at least, it burns bright. Bask in the glow that originates inside you and spills to the world around you.

Photo of a tree in bloom.

Photo by Snapwire from Pexels

Allow Growth

As you revel in the light that abounds inside and around you, bring your attention outside of you. Take in your surroundings once more.

Long green grass grows in luscious tufts beneath your feet. Its vibrancy is dulled a little by the frost that grazes its tips. Kneeling down, you find that the grass is mixed with patches of clover.

The frost nips a little against your skin, reminding you of the cold from whence you came. Your life has not been all sunshine and roses, after all. You have experienced your share of cold and pain and dark.

But this time is not for that. This time is for warmth and growth and light. The pain you experience now is the stretching pain necessary to grow, something different from the pains of disappointment and loss.

The chill of the frost, the pain required for growth, is a reminder that you are alive. That you have a life to be grateful for. And you are grateful.

Breathe in another deep breath, noticing as you do the way your body warms the chilled air. Notice the way the air tastes, the way the ice crystals in it melt on your tongue as you breathe them in. Breathe out, and notice the puff of steam your breath makes.

Realize that your breath and the way it changes the air is not the only change you can make. There are other ways to stretch and grow.

Right by your toes, a four-leaf clover catches your eye and wishes you luck. The world is by your side, willing you to succeed. Willing you to share your light.

Bring the Spring

Breathe in and breathe out, noticing as you do that your breath melts the frost around you. Freed from their weight, tufts of grass lift up and wave toward the sun.

Sink your fingers down into the dirt beneath the grass, noticing the feel of it against your skin. Slightly damp and barely cold, your action brings the scent of fresh earth and wet grass.

This is what spring smells like. Earth and grass and seedlings yet to grow. This is what life smells like.

Lift your fingers from the dirt. As you do, see the little flowers that spring up in the wake of your touch.

Brush your hands lightly across the ground, unearthing more and more flowers as you do so. In every shape and color, they burst unafraid from their humble homes.

After a season of preparation and rest, they are ready to live. Daffodils, tulips, and primrose all fulfill the promise they made last spring, to return when winter was over once more. And here they are.

Just as sure as there is darkness ahead, there are also springtime flowers. Make note of that. The future holds many, many wonderful things.

Flowers grow up all around you, tickling your ankles as they reach for the sky. And just now, not far off, birdsong heralds the arrival of spring.

Cheerful chirps and whistles serenade this glen full of light and life, with you in the center of it. The world is awake in this moment of celebration and joy. You awaken with it, full of energy and zeal.

You are ready for this life, with its light and dark, and pain and joy. Complacency no longer binds your feet, fear no longer stays your hands. You are awake, and you are ready to love this life once more.

Breathe in joy. Hold for peace. Breathe out courage.

You are ready for what comes next.

Welcome the Storm

A crack of thunder brings a sharpness to the air that you feel in the hair standing up on your arms. Storm clouds gather, but it is alright.

Breathe. In and out. And welcome the storm.

You knew, after all, that it was coming. Spring cannot be spring without rain showers. As the sky rumbles its promise of rainfall, you taste the moisture in the air on your tongue.

All at once the downpour begins. Standing in your glen, you do not fight the deluge or run from it. Rather, you embrace it.

Raising your hands to the rain as you did to the sun, you welcome it to fall around you and bring the world to life. Notice the way it weighs the fabric of your clothing down, adhering it to your skin.

Recognize that the sensation is both fascinating and uncomfortable at the same time, and lean into your curiosity. Explore the sensation of the wetness that has incorporated itself into this moment’s existence.

As you take in the experience of the rain and your wet clothes, realize that you are able to be uncomfortable without being unhappy. Realize that even with the way your clothes stick to your skin, you still love this moment and this place.

You love the life you have to live, with all its intricacies and unexpected twists and turns. Even with the storms of unwanted experiences and failures, you have still managed to grow something beautiful. Something that you want to nourish and grow, despite its capacity for heartbreak.

Breathe in hope. Hold for resilience. Breathe out courage.

The storm abates; the clouds disperse, and the sunshine returns to your little glen of wildflowers. Raindrops evaporate from your skin, creating little goosebumps in their wake.

Allow yourself to smile, to feel glad, to feel proud. Spring is here with its flowers and storms, and you are prepared for both.


Take a deep breath, and as you do set your resolve. This is not a time to retreat to the dark, to wish away the day. It is a time to lift your chin and stride forward into the light.

Breathe out. Breathe in again, hold it for a moment, and let it go. Let the sensations in your lungs as you breathe bring you out of your imagination and back into your body. Back into your existence.

May you remember your resolve to stretch and grow, and to live, as you go throughout your day.

Photo of a path of flowers.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I hope this Spring Guided Imagery was helpful to you! Please let me know in the comments if there are any other topics or settings that you would like to have a guided imagery on.


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      I’m so glad it resonated with you! Thank you!

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      Sorry for the delayed response! I would be honored if you did. Thank you for your appreciation!

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