night sky meditation

Night Sky Meditation for Rest and Rejuvenation

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The night sky can be as inspiring as it is relaxing, and that is the goal of this night sky meditation. Just as the cushiony shadows of midnight are joined by the guiding light of the stars, this night sky guided meditation will envelop and encourage you.

Most of us have wondered at one point or another what it would be like to look down from the stars and see the universe around us. We have an indomitable curiosity about the things around us. For millenniums, humans have looked up to the stars to make sense of the life below.

Guided imagery can be used to do much the same. It is a way to explore, to imagine and create, and to allow yourself a moment of freedom. This night sky meditation will help you do all these things.

Right now there is not an audio recording of this night sky meditation available (soon to come!). However, reading it slowly and taking the time to envision it will provide a similar effect. You can also record yourself reading it with your phone so that you can play it back when you need it.

night sky meditation

Living in the Night Sky

Night Sky Meditation Preparation

Wherever you are, sitting, standing, lying down, settle in. Close your eyes to limit visual distractions, or fix them on a point on the wall or ceiling if you would rather.

If you can straighten your spine, do so. Let your hands rest easy on your lap or by your side. If your legs are crossed, uncross them.

Breathe easy. In and out, in and out, noticing the way your diaphragm moves just below your sternum as your lungs intake and release air.

When you are ready, begin your night sky guided imagery.

Begin Your Night Sky Meditation

Imagine yourself floating in the night sky, high above the earth, with the cozy dark night enveloping you like a blanket. It is not too close or too tight, just warm enough for comfort and cool enough for relief.

Revel, for a moment, in this haven that you have created in the sky. Floating and drifting, there is nothing here to harm you and nothing to be afraid of. There is only you and the dark.

Once you have cemented the peacefulness of this place, begin to brighten it up with a star high above you. Add another here and there, until your sky has just the right amount of light. Notice how close your stars are to you and to each other, how they twinkle and glimmer as they promise to light and guide your path.

Bask in the beauty of your stars’ light. Notice the way it brightens your skin, the way it highlights the lines and grooves in your hands.

Holding a hand up to the light, notice the way it stops some of the light from touching your face. Widen your fingers so that more light can stream through, recognizing as you do so that you are in control of how much light there is in this sky.

This place is yours. You are safe and in control, completely at ease in this landscape of your own creation.

Photo of a dark sky with stars to inspire your night sky meditation.


Swaddled in the warmth of the sky, notice how you are also free to feel optimistic. Breathe in the fresh night air around you, noticing the way it fills your lungs and clears your mind.

Free of any thoughts that might weigh you down, you are free to imagine and to create. Free to bring color to the black of the night and white of your stars.

Allow some ribbons of color to begin making their way through the sky, like the northern lights of Alaska or Finland. Emerald green, magenta, violet, and gold–your ribbons and waves of light can be any color you like.

They spread through the sky in dreamy currents of soft, vibrant light. Your drifting takes you near one, its ripple of light inviting you to pass through.

As you do, imagine the light as a cool gentle breeze against your skin, lending you its energy and color. Feel yourself awaken and revive as you partake of its ambiance.

The sky is warm and safe, the stars are kind and encouraging, and the waves of colorful light are exactly what you need to strengthen and rejuvenate.

Recognize each of these things, and that in this sky of your creation, you have everything you need.

Photo of northern lights to contribute to your ribbons of color in your night sky meditation.


Take some time to revel in your night sky. Feel the comfort of the night and the reassurance of the light. Allow yourself to drift through another ribbon of colorful light, feeling the ripple of energy it sends through you.

Just as you have created this night sky, you have created this energy that fills your lungs with breath and your heart with hope. It has been inside you all this time, ready for you to uncover and set it free.

Take a deep breath in, visualizing your breath as the light of the stars and of the colorful waves. It is part of you, and you a part of it. Breathe out knowing that it is always available to you.

Breathe in and out a few more times, allowing the light to move in and out of you, to become part of you and your existence.

Photo of a colorful night sky.


When you are ready, allow your mind to descend from the sky, slowly and safely, drifting down, down, down until your consciousness reaches your body. Notice the beating of your heart, the way your body feels against your bed or your chair.

Continue to breathe deeply, in and out, as you settle back into yourself. You are no longer in the night sky, but you are still comforted and renewed.

As the time comes to end this night sky meditation, consider the things you have realized during it. There is light inside of you, and you can bring it to life at any time. You are capable and creative and ready for whatever life brings your way.

Linger on these thoughts as long as you like, as long as you need to. Your night sky lives in you.

Photo of a person standing under a colorful, starry night sky.

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